Revolutionary No-Code Platform
for the Enterprise

Create complex, scalable, Cloud-native and secure applications for the enterprise, without writing a single line of code.

The high-performance and scalable serverless architecture of SOVA combined with a highly intuitive graphical user interface make application development a hassle-free process, drastically speeding up your application release capabilities and giving you unmatched control over the entire application lifecycle.

SOVA is DevSecOps by design and provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to deliver unmatched CI-CD capabilities in a unified platform. SOVA is the ideal and only true no-code platform for any business, whether a start-up or a global enterprise.

3Ds Approach

With our innovative, yet simple, 3-step approach, you can DESIGN, DEFINE and DEPLOY applications for the most challenging business scenarios across any domain.


Create powerful user interfaces with the drag and drop UI Designer.

Take advantage of SOVA’s expansive library of smart components to address any level of complexity with ease. 

The UI Designer canvas

Smart components

Flowchart-driven Logic Designer


Build complex logic using the simple and highly intuitive flow-chart driven Logic Designer.

With SOVA’s Logic Designer, defining the logic for highly complex scenarios and conditions is extremely quick and simple.


Deploy your created applications with just a single click.

SOVA’s one-click activation approach makes deployment of your applications extremely easy, quick and reliable.

One-click deployment


According to Gartner reports, in the next 3 to 5 years, more than 65% of software development will be done in-house using low-code/no-code tools. Moreover, due to the global shortage of skilled resources combined with an unprecedented pace of technological changes, organizations across all domains will be forced to adopt low-code/no-code in order to keep up with the rapidly evolving demands of their customers.

SOVA’s innovative approach towards delivering complex, Cloud-native apps at any scale makes it the no-code platform of choice for customers aiming to achieve sustainable growth, long-term profitability and end-user satisfaction.

Faster time-to-market

Release new applications and updates to your users faster than ever before by drastically speeding up your development processes, and reducing your testing and deployment efforts.

Higher productivity & efficiency

Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency by giving them the tools they need to accomplish much more with much lesser effort, time and cost.

Legacy transformation

Ensure a smooth migration of your legacy systems to make them ready for your organization’s present and future needs.

Internal & external integrations

Securely and reliably integrate newly created applications with existing internal or external applications and ecosystems.

Simplified maintenance

Drastically reduce your maintenance complexity and effort by taking advantage of a unified platform that takes away the headaches and frustrations typically associated with systems maintenance.

Reduced operations & maintenance costs

Leveraging the comprehensive technical capabilities of the platform, you can drastically reduce the ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Remove person dependency

Mitigate organizational risks by removing dependency for critical aspects of your process on specific individuals. The platform makes it very easy for optimal collaboration without the risk of person dependency.

Future proof

Future proof your organization by adopting a platform that makes infrastructure technologies, programming languages, person dependency and other rapidly changing elements irrelevant.

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