About Us

The Platform Company

The Background Story

SOVA is the brainchild of Cheran and Nata, two seasoned entrepreneurs who, over a period of more than 2 decades, have built and nurtured tremendously successful technology companies in India and Japan.

During this time, Nata and Cheran have been at the helm of extremely scalable, sustainable and high-performance teams, which has distinguished them not just as visionary leaders, but also as the most reliable partners for global companies looking for long-term business growth.

The Founders



Innovator, thinker and technical wizard. With more than 25 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience behind him, Cheran is the co-founder and visionary mastermind that creates innovative products and solutions. Known to be passionate about cutting-edge technologies and establishing processes, He has fine-tuned the science of project execution to an art form. He is the co-founder of S2K2 Holdings and Vaken Technologies.

Cheran is based in Chennai, India.



Nata is the co-founder and business brain of the company. Over more than 25 years, his deep knowledge and understanding of Japan have been key factors that made his past ventures immensely successful. His extraordinary ability to connect with customers and partners has made him one of the most respected and successful Indian entrepreneurs in Japan. He is the co-founder of S2K2 Holdings and Vaken Technologies.

Nata is based in Tokyo, Japan.