SOVA Innovation Challenge 2022

Event Overview

SOVA is the world’s most advanced and innovative no-code application development platform to create complex, scalable, Cloud-native and secure applications for the enterprise. Leading global research agencies state that No-Code is the future of application development and by 2025, more than 65% of all application development in the world will leverage some form of low-code/no-code approach.

It is our belief that today’s students are tomorrow’s creators and innovators. With a long history of engagement with the student community in India, we are thrilled to introduce the very first SOVA Innovation Challenge 2022. Aimed at India’s brightest university students, our goal is to give them a unique opportunity to use a next generation no-code platform to create innovative solutions for the future.

Aspiring students from a select group of institutions can go through the list of problem statements below and use the SOVA platform to create applications that solve these problems.

Why Participate?

Participating in the SOVA Innovation Challenge has many benefits:

  1. Unique opportunity for students to use a futuristic enterprise no-code platform and experience the future of application development first-hand.
  2. Compete for a chance to join the SOVA platform development team which would be the most exciting start to their careers in information technology.
  3. Win recognition for being part of a future-tech initiative.
  4. Special cash prizes, trophies and certificates on offer.

Event Flow

Event launch
The event will launch on June 01, 2022. Participating institutions will make the event information and application procedures available to their students. Students will have to go through the list of problem statements and select a project to execute.
Deadline for applications
Participating students must finalize their selected problem statement and complete the application procedures for their project by this date.
Hands-on SOVA training
Hands-on training will be provided by our team to participating students over a period of 2 days.
Project execution
During this period, students will work on their projects on the SOVA platform. They will have constant access to SOVA help documentation and other content. Senior members of our team will also remain available for guidance.
All teams will need to submit their projects by this date.
Project evaluation
The SOVA team will evaluate the submitted projects and select the winner.
Announcement of results
The SOVA team will evaluate the submitted projects and select the winner.

Problem Statements

Expense tracking & reimbursement

The customer has 500 employees working across 4 office locations and wants to use a web-based system that would allow employees to record their commutation/travel expenses and submit them for approval and reimbursement. Managers should be able to review and approve the submitted expenses. The system should also be able to generate reports.

Timesheet management

The customer has 100 employees working in one office location and wants to use a web-based system that would allow employees to record their working hours and submit the timesheets for approval. Managers should be able to review and approve the submitted timesheets. The system should also be able to generate reports.

Invoicing system

The customer is a software services vendor and would like to generate Invoices for their customer every month for the services being provided. Invoice numbers should be auto-generated and export Invoice as PDF should be enabled.

Customer billing portal

Create a customer billing portal for a vendor that provides subscription based services. The customer should be able to log into the billing portal, view the monthly billing details and download the monthly invoice in PDF format.

Inventory management

The company has a large number of products and wants to manage their inventory through a web based system. Create a system that allows them to manage their warehouses, products, update stocks, locations (storage location within a warehouse) and other standard inventory capabilities.

Reporting & data visualization

Create a reporting dashboard to display reports using a substantial amount of data. The system should have data tables and data visualizations using charts and graphs. Displayed data should be filter enabled to allow the viewer to drill deeper into the data set.

Procurement management

The customer is a large company that regularly procures items from multiple vendors. Create a procurement management system that enables the company to execute their procurement process, including purchase approval workflows, stock management, procurement triggers based on stock thresholds and other capabilities.

Task tracking

Create a task tracking system that allows a team of members to create tasks for themselves or assign them to other members. The user should be able to set tasks summary, task details, deadline & priority. Task owner should be able to mark the task as done. Delayed tasks should be displayed in a different way and send alert notifications.

Event scheduling

Create a calendar system that allows users to create events, add invitees, set the schedule & provide additional information. Events could be a one-time event or repeating events. Integration with web meeting solutions like Google Meet, Zoom, etc would be additional benefits.

CRM & Sales

The customer is a services company with various clients being managed by a sales team. The sales team should be able to add potential leads, track the sales process, move leads from stage to stage (like Kanban boards) and register sales when deals are closed. The system should also be able to generate reports for the sales team using visualizations.

Online shopping portal

Create an online shopping portal that has both the customer-facing user interface, as well as the back-end order processing interface. The front-end should have the standard ecommerce capabilities. The back-end should have the capabilities required by the company to process the orders, manage customers and products, process refunds and returns, etc.. Integration with one or more payment methods would be required.

Recruitment management

The company needs a recruitment management system that would allow them to post jobs for which interested candidates should be able to apply and also upload their CVs in PDF format. The company should be able to review the applications, short-list potential hires, schedule and manage written tests and interviews and execute the entire hiring or rejection flow. All applications should automatically be archived in the system for future reference. Reporting features would be an added benefit.

Employee management

The company has hundreds of employees and needs an employee management system that allows them to manage their employee data from the time of joining to the point of termination. The system must keep track of all changes that occurred during the employee's tenure at the company (salary, designation, etc.)

Loan processing

Create a simple load processing system that allows users to apply for a loan, upload supporting documents and track the status of their applications. The loan provider must be able to process these applications and approve or reject loans for applicants.

Training management

The company has a large number of employees for whom training needs to be conducted periodically. Create a training management system that allows the company to publish training content, schedule training sessions, create batches for participants, track their completion status and generate reports. Participants should be able to select and complete training sessions and view reports of sessions they have completed.

Blockchain-based Smart Contracts

Create a system that allows the company to manage the various contracts they are executing with their vendors and partners. Authentication and execution of these contracts should be based on Blockchain enabled smart contract technologies.

Customer support

Create a web-based customer support system that allows users to submit support tickets to a company that delivers a service to them. The company should be able to view and process these tickets, assign them to internal support agents and execute the ticket resolution flow. Notifications for various events in this flow should be enabled.

Asset tracking

Create a web-based asset tracking system that allows a company to track various types of physical assets owned by the company. The system should track the asset's entire history (from purchase to discard) and it should be possible to allocate assets to specific members in the company.


  1. Participants must be active students belonging to the specific institutions and departments that are part of this event.
  2. Participants must be in the penultimate or the final year of their respective academic courses.
  3. Participants must form teams of maximum 3 members.
  4. Participating teams will be assigned pre-configured PCs for them to execute the projects.
  5. Teams will be assigned mentors from the SOVA team and these mentors will guide the teams during the entire process. Teams should reach out to their mentors for any support they may need while executing their projects.
  6. Teams will be given full access to the SOVA Support Portal. They can refer to the Platform documentation and help videos while executing their projects. 
  7.  Evaluation criteria:
    Teams will be evaluated on the following main parameters:
      1. Quality of the defined system specifications.
      2. Range of platform features used
      3. Complexity of problem being addressed
      4. Comprehensiveness of solution delivered (number of features)
      5. User interface and user experience
  8. Evaluation levels:
    Evaluation will be done through 2 levels:
      1. Preliminary Round – The top 5 teams in this round will be chosen to move forward to the Finals.
      2. Finals – The winner, runner-up and second runner up will be chosen from the 5 finalists.
  9. All projects executed on the SOVA platform shall be the property of S2K2 Holdings Pte Ltd.
  10. Awards, certificates and other material benefits shall be given only to the winners of the challenge. Please note that no certificates of participation shall be given for participating in this event.



Be part of our team

The winner will be given an opportunity to join our amazing team of innovators and play an important role in further enhancing the capabilities of the SOVA platform.


Cash prize, trophy & certificate

The winner will get a cash prize of INR 1,00,000, along with a special trophy and certificate.


Media promotions

The winner will be featured in special publicity content on our various social media channels and other events. A special feature shall also be published on the SOVA blog.