Embrace the future. Stay ahead of the curve.

As a leader, you are always looking for ways to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way, prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead and apply the best technical capabilities available to deliver value for your customers and ensure long term success for your organization. Every decision you take has a direct impact on your team, on your business and on your customers.

In the world of technology, the idea of “staying ahead of the curve” is becoming increasingly difficult due to the sheer pace at which everything is changing and the ever-evolving needs of your customers, as they expect more and more from you at every level. If your organization is not focused on the future, it is very likely that your competition will race ahead of you very quickly.

SOVA gives you a massive advantage. It streamlines your development practices, takes away the hassles associated with distributed and disconnected processes or teams and provides you with the most comprehensive, reliable and efficient set of tools that empower your teams to focus on innovation and think about how to address the most complex business requirements, while SOVA does the heavy lifting in the background.

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Top Enterprise Challenges

The App Mess

Too many apps; Scattered and disconnected systems

Legacy code + Wrong priorities = Technical debt

Extremely expensive to operate & maintain

Widespread performance bottlenecks

The People Problem

Multiple teams with narrow or overlapping roles

High cost of skilled resources; Hiring, retention and training challenges

Critical dependencies; Changes result in unpredictable outcomes and impact on quality

Changes in people often result in adverse impact on release schedules & customers

The DX Nightmare

Vague and idealistic ambitions, often based on incomplete and inaccurate information

Inconsistent and unclear execution strategies

Multiple running Digital Transformation (DX) projects that are doomed to fail

Wrong choice of partners and tools

Business Benefits of SOVA

Delivering High-Impact Digital Transformation

Faster time-to-market

Release new applications and updates to your users faster than ever before by drastically speeding up your development processes, and reducing your testing and deployment efforts.

Higher productivity & efficiency

Increase your team’s productivity and efficiency by giving them the tools they need to accomplish much more with much lesser effort, time and cost.

Legacy transformation

Ensure a smooth migration of your legacy systems to make them ready for your organization’s present and future needs.

Internal & external integrations

Securely and reliably integrate newly created applications with existing internal or external applications and ecosystems.

Simplified maintenance

Drastically reduce your maintenance complexity and effort by taking advantage of a unified platform that takes away the headaches and frustrations typically associated with systems maintenance.

Reduced operations & maintenance costs

Leveraging the comprehensive technical capabilities of the platform, you can drastically reduce the ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Remove person dependency

Mitigate organizational risks by removing dependency for critical aspects of your process on specific individuals. The platform makes it very easy for optimal collaboration without the risk of person dependency.

Future proof

Future proof your organization by adopting a platform that makes infrastructure technologies, programming languages, person dependency and other rapidly changing elements irrelevant.