Innovate more.
Without the stress and struggle.

As a developer, you are quite familiar with, and maybe even accustomed to, the struggles and stresses that come with the task of developing applications. You have to deal with complex and frequently changing business requirements, the constant pressure to learn and use rapidly changing technologies, and of course the “always too tight” schedule that you are expected to meet.

Doing all this without the right tools and having to follow obsolete development practices adds an even heavier load on your shoulders, leading to frustrations and an overall sense of demotivation and helplessness that stops you from maximizing your potential to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

With SOVA, you can put your struggles behind you and use the most advanced platform to create powerful applications in hours and days rather than weeks and months. And it’s not just about speed. SOVA also makes the entire creation process – from UI design to logic definition to deployment – tremendously simple. No matter what you aim to create, SOVA gives you a reassuring sense of confidence that anything is possible.

Go ahead and take it for a ride.

Developer Benefits

Create Complex & Cloud-native Apps

Rapidly create complex, Cloud-native apps for any business scenario without writing any code manually.

Intuitive & Visual No-Code Development

Use a powerful and intuitive visual no-code environment that combines a drag-n-drop UI designer and a flow-chart driven logic designer to create a diverse range of applications.

AI Import & Paste

Import external data using an intelligent AI-driven tool and paste records into applications to speed up digital transformation.

Seamless Deployment & Rollback

Deploy new apps or updates seamlessly and rollback to previous versions easily without any down-time for your users.

Report Designer

Design and generate complex reports in multiple languages based on the applications created on the platform.

Workflow Designer

Integrate smart workflows easily into any business application within minutes.

Batch Processes & Job Scheduler

For the first time, you can now create batch processes visually without writing any code and configure custom scheduled jobs.

Visual Monitoring & Tuning

Use the platform’s advanced monitoring tools to track application performance and execute tuning procedures for optimization.

Secure Integration

Create highly secure APIs to integrate with external applications and eco-systems.

Built-in Localization

Localize created applications easily and centrally to support any number of languages.

Collaborative Development

Empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently, irrespective of their physical locations.

Enterprise-grade Security

Trusted and secured environment to create enterprise applications and process data with peace of mind.

Built-in Best Practices

Create applications that are compliant with development best practices without any additional effort.

Simple & Powerful

The platform is easy to use, yet extremely powerful in its capabilities, which any developer will be able to take maximum advantage of.

Extensive Guidance

Access to the platform comes with complete access to a vast amount of getting started guides, technical help documentation, instruction videos, and more.

DevSecOps by Design

SOVA has DevSecOps principles in its DNA so that your development and operations teams are always in sync, further supported by a strong security layer.