Apache Log4j JNDI Zero Day Vulnerability

A zero-day vulnerability was identified in the Apache Log4j logging software on Friday, Dec. 10 (CVE-2021-44228). A related Log4j vulnerability was identified on Tuesday, Dec. 14 (CVE-2021-45046), and a third was identified on Friday, December 17 (CVE-2021-45105). These vulnerabilities could allow malicious actors to take control of organizational networks using Log4j. We took immediate action […]

SOVA – The Platform of Choice

In the last several months, while talking about our SOVA Low-Code Platform, we have often been asked if SOVA is “better than other platforms” in the market. Our response to this question is always very simple – It is not our goal to make SOVA a “better” platform than others. We would like to hold […]

SOVA version 2.0 released!

Another exciting and much-awaited milestone for us today! Version 2.0 of the SOVA platform has gone live and is making its way to our customers in Japan and other countries. Sporting a server-less architecture, a refreshed user interface, an even more enhanced collection of components and the most powerful DevSecOps capabilities, version 2 of our […]